1. Sow the City app. Find any garden anywhere.

  2. Tote bags, t-shirts, brochures…

  3. Who wants one? Freshly baked!

  4. There will be an app.

  6. Sow the City is on Pinterest now. We’re just pinning the photos from here, but that will change as time goes on.

    That picture above is of Mizuna. I want to start a blog about how much I love it. FUCK YEAH MIZUNA!!!! Learn how to grow it, pick it, eat it (or cook it and eat it)… It’s versatile!

  7. So this is a new version of a logo I have been working on. I hope to do something big with it over the next couple of weeks. I have a URL now: SowtheCitynow.org, though as of today it’s just a place holder. This Tumblr will still be used, and the facebook page will still be linked to it.

  8. Poppies might be an unwelcome guest in some gardens, but you can collect the seeds (and that is legal).

  9. WOWZA! That’s some moldy hay! Careful if you use hay for a covering on your gardens. Here are some helpful links to tackle the problem.

    / 2 / 3

  10. This purple (sometimes called red) leaf lettuce tastes just like its greener sibling. But why I’m posting this is a reminder to always grow your greens organically (no matter what shade of red or purple your greens are).